About the Studio

At DK Fitness, it is our mission to provide a clean, comfortable and inviting environment that allows all our clients the opportunity to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. At DK Fitness is it our primary intent to deliver to each client outstanding customer service by the following actions:

    • ASK you for feedback
    • LISTEN to what you have to say
    • LEARN how we can make your experience better
    • ACT to meet your needs as best we can

We believe if we can deliver these to you consistently, we will go a long way in providing you memorable, satisfactory experiences.

Cancellation Policy:

It is our policy that your cancellation of any class more than 8 (eight) hours before the start of that reserved class is considered an EARLY cancel, and will not result in charging you for that class. By way of example, if a class starts at 6:00 p.m., you need to cancel before 10:00 a.m. to avoid a late cancellation fee as outlined below.
We understand the unforeseen and unexpected can happen; however, if you cancel within the 8 hour window (LATE cancel) or “no show”, we reserve the right to charge your account as follows:

If you have a Monthly Unlimited contract, a fee will be assessed for any late cancellation or no show, as follows:
a. If you do not show up for class & did not cancel your spot, the fee will be $15.
b. If a wait list exists for the class and you late cancel, the fee will be $10.
c. If a wait list does not exist and you late cancel, the fee will be $5.

For those who purchase a package of classes, you will forfeit the class with a late cancellation. However if you do not show up & did not cancel your spot, the fee will be $15 plus the forfeiture of the class from your package.


If you do not wish to take the class, you too must log onto the system and cancel your name. To avoid issues and frustrations it is very important that those who are on a waiting list remember their potential obligation in the event another person cancels; you should promptly remove your name from a waiting list should you no longer wish to attend that class or have a sudden conflict that would prevents you from attending. If you do not remove yourself from the class list we reserve the right to asses the fees similar to late cancellations explained above.

This policy has been created for the benefit of all clients to have the opportunity to participate in classes and for equal treatment.

Mobile App2

Make it easier to schedule classes by using our DK Fitness app or the MindBody app!

Spinner® Blade Bikes

DK Fitness is equipped with 20 Spinner® Blade bikes. They combine user-focused features with a high degree of adjustability to deliver optimal performance for riders.

To maintain consistent quality ride after ride, the Spinner® Blade features an extra durable crank system, rust-defying materials and rock solid construction. Additionally, the bikes will be maintained and serviced routinely by a certified company to ensure each rider has a smooth, comfortable and safe ride.