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Benefits of MYZONE heart rate belts

13 February

I not only wear my MYZONE heart rate belt during classes at DK Studio, but also when I am running and bicycling at home. I have found this information very valuable for training purposes.

After uploading my belt at DK, I can go home and log on to MYZONEMOVES.COM and see my workouts in and outside of class time.

I am currently training for a 10K race coming this spring. I have been wearing my belt during those training runs. I normally run in the mornings but last week I just could not get out of bed (too cold brrrrr)! So I ran at night after an 8 hour day of work and then again the following morning. I went on to check my progress and heart rate efficiency for my runs and was extremely surprised to find that I am not at all efficient at night!

My 2 mile run on Wednesday night, although a respectful time, was very labored in breathing and I stayed more than half my time in the red zone per my belt. This is not good. I then checked my Thursday morning 2 mile run. I ran slightly faster, and never once reached the red zone. Except for warm up and cool down, my entire run was in the yellow zone! Great! That was the results I was looking for!

With the MYZONE belt, I have found that for the best results for me, and my body, is to continue to train in the morning rather than at night. I also realize that if I need or have to train at night, that I must stay present in my training. I need to concentrate on my breathing and just  be in the moment of my run!

I am looking forward to reviewing my results throughout my training both at DK Studio and at home, so that I can make the necessary adjustments needed to optimize my fitness level!

     myzone                 ~Amy S.

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