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Les Mills BODYPUMP 100

30 January

On January 14th, DK Fitness was one of eight thousand individual clubs worldwide that participated in the 100th release of BODYPUMP. The release started in its origin country of Auckland at midnight New Zealand time. Workouts then followed around the world from Asia to Europe, Africa, America and everywhere in between, creating the “world’s biggest […]

Foam Rolling and What You’ve Been Missing in Your Training

26 September

Foam Rolling And How it can be Used to Increase Performance Foam rollers have just started to make their regular appearance into big gyms and homes everywhere. There was a time where these rollers were just utilized by physical therapists, trainers and professional athletes. After a bit of clinical research, this “technique” has become an […]

What You Need to Know About Turmeric

11 August

It’s been called the “miracle spice” and the herb “sent from the fitness gods.” Turmeric. This spice is what gives curry its beautiful yellow color, and has been used for thousands of years in Indian and Asian cooking. America has really just begun to recognize its medicinal properties. These properties are compounds called curcuminoids, most […]