FAQs about Spinning

Q: I am new to Spinning. What do I need for class?

A: All you need are 4 things: (1) comfortable clothing (gym shorts, cotton t-shirt or breathable top), (2) comfortable running / tennis shoes, (3) water bottle, (4) small towel.

Q: Is it ok for me to listen to my own music during a Spin class? I promise to be good otherwise.

A: No. The owners feel it is disrespectful to the Instructor and a distraction to those around you. If the roles were reversed, we are certain you would see our point. Thank you for understanding and respecting our position.

Q: Do I need a heart rate monitor to Spin? What is its benefit?

A: You do not need a heart rate monitor to take a Spinning class (except for the Race Day class). However, once you become comfortable with Spinning and anticipate doing it long term, the owners highly suggest you invest in a MYZONE heart rate monitor. They will be sold to you at their cost.

The owners believe that a heart rate monitor provides many incremental benefits to each member as noted in the MYZONE section of this website. The primary benefit of a heart rate monitor is to allow the member to ensure their heart rate is at the proper level for a given Spinning class and energy zone; it helps ensure the member is doing what is right to reach their long term fitness goal. “Going hard” is not always good, especially if you are new and/or are at the beginning of your physical fitness journey. A heart rate monitor allows you to stay within “your zone” and monitor what is best for you.

Q: Do I need Spinning Shoes? What is their benefit?

A: You do not need Spinning shoes to take a Spinning Class. Many people go for years taking classes in their comfortable running shoes. The primary benefit of Spinning Shoes is to provide you more “power” through your pedal stoke (due to their hard sole design) and allow you to more easily “push down and pull up” as you peddle.

The owners suggest you consider investing in Spinning shoes once you find that Spinning classes are something you wish to do long term. But when you reach this point, please check with any instructor or the owners to learn of places that sell them and key things to keep in mind in your purchase – especially the right “clip” that fits the Spinner bikes.

Q: I have heard Spinning will make my legs big? Is this true?

A: Spinning will not give you big legs. That’s a common myth. Spinning is primarily designed to provide you a quality cardiovascular workout, led by a certified instructor in a fixed environment. Spinning will help develop and tone the primary muscles in your legs, but it will not make them big.

Q: I have heard you need to be in great shape before you attend a Spinning Class – my friends tell me they are hard and they will kill you!

A: You do not have to be in great physical shape to attend a Spinning Class. Yes, Spinning Classes are challenging, but they are not designed to kill you. The key to being successful in a Spinning class is to first understand that all of us start at the beginning, just like you. Your long-term success will be driven by your will to “stay within your zone” and not be concerned with what others around you are doing. “Slow and steady” will be your life friend; trying to perform outside your zone on day one will be your foe. Spinning is all about going at your pace, and progressively getting a bit better with each class. Our instructors are simply there to motivate you and ensure you have a safe ride – and maybe share a laugh or two along the way.

Q: I have been in Spinning Classes before, but it has been awhile. Should I take the “Free Introductory Class” that is offered?

A: It is totally up to you. A 1-hour refresher course never hurts, even if the ride at the end of that class is at a very low level of intensity. But it is not required. Should you wish to skip the Introductory Class and jump right into a regular class, that is perfectly fine. But, please let the Instructor know you are new and you wish to have your bike settings checked. It is very important to ensure your bike settings are proper to have a comfortable ride.

Q: I have “bad knees” (or other aches and pains, such as a bad back, hip, ankle and so forth). Is it ok for me to attend a Spinning Class?

A: In general, Spinning is “gentle on the joints” and thus allows for a wide variety of people at varying levels of abilities to participate with minimal risk of injury.

But the very last thing the owners of DK Fitness, LLC wish to see is a member get injured within the Studio. That said, it is highly encouraged that any new member who has any past or present injury, discomfort, or physical condition consult with a physician prior to coming to the Studio. Only a professional doctor can give you the proper advice on this very important question.

Should a professional doctor “clear you for working out in the Studio but with restrictions”, please let your instructor know so they are aware and can keep an eye out for any signs of issues, form, and the like. To be clear, none of the instructors are doctors, and every member enters the Studio with the known and inherent risks of exercising.

Q: I just learned I am pregnant. Can I still Spin?

A: The same answer as the previous question applies here as well. Every pregnant participant should seek and follow the very specific directions of their doctor. The instructor is never in a position to “make a call” as to whether you are fit to exercise.

Q: I find that my knees (or back, etc.) hurt after taking a Spinning Class. Is that normal?

A: In general, your joints and the like should not hurt after taking a class, but there is often times a fine line between “being sore” and “hurting”, especially if you are relatively new to Spinning. Regardless, do not dismiss this matter. Please let your instructor know and allow them to check your bike settings, riding form, riding speed and other items as they see fit ; it is important we resolve this issue quickly to prevent a prolonged and avoidable injury. Your safety is very imprtant to us.

Q: I would like to let the owners know of an idea, a complaint, or a compliment. How do I do that?

A: From the menu at the top of our website, click on “Contact” and complete the form. It is designed to be easy to complete, and your comments will go directly to the owners. Your comments will be kept highly confidential.

Q: What is this so-called “100 Club”?

A: The 100-Club is designed to recognize any client who spins in excess of 100 classes per year at our Studio. The owners believe this is a significant milestone, and they wish to personally and collectively recognize those clients who achieve this distinction. The exact recognition will vary from year to year and is at the discretion of the owners.

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