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Les Mills BODYPUMP 100

30 January

On January 14th, DK Fitness was one of eight thousand individual clubs worldwide that participated in the 100th release of BODYPUMP. The release started in its origin country of Auckland at midnight New Zealand time. Workouts then followed around the world from Asia to Europe, Africa, America and everywhere in between, creating the “world’s biggest workout.”

Over in New Zealand BODYPUMP is a big deal, but here in the states it may not to be as well known around some of the gyms. Whether you have observed a class or have just heard about it, you may be wondering what makes this workout so great.

The BODYPUMP workout is a 60 minute group fitness class that involves moderate to high intensity resistance training with a barbell. In a single class a participant will execute over 800 repetitions of various exercises, with relatively low weight. By using light weight and lots of repetition, BODYPUMP achieves what is known as the REP EFFECT – the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle. The class is made up of 10 choreographed tracks that hit each part of the body. Starting with a warm-up track, the class moves from squats, to chest, then back, biceps, triceps, lunges, shoulders, core and then finishes with a cool down track. The class is also offered as a 45 or 30 minute workout. BODYPUMP is a great strength training format option that we offer at DK in conjunction with the other class types. It is so important to cross train and keep a variety in your workout and BODYPUMP continuously mixes it up and keeps you on your toes.

With a new choreographed release every three months, your BODYPUMP instructor will coach you through scientifically proven moves, with great music to create a fun and effective workout, helping you achieve more through group encouragement. This full body workout will burn lots of calories, shape and tone your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health. Plus it’s just fun!

Here at DK, we made a whole day out of the 100th release! We had five different one-hour classes bringing this international event to the 50 people who were a part of it in just that Saturday morning. We had raffles, prizes and vendors to make the release a huge party!

We were excited to have Propello Life at the studio to share samples and talk about their local business. Propello Life offers preworkout, rejuvenating aminos, whey protein with vegan options. Their products are non-gmo and free from artificial ingredients (no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners). Go check them out!


We want to thank everyone who participated in our big event! We hope you had fun and we had a great time sweating and working hard alongside you all!

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