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A Very Merry Myzone, and a Happy New Year!

31 December

Are you looking for some help in this New Year improving or maybe changing up your workouts entirely?

Well we may have what you’re looking for.

If you have been into DK, you may have noticed our big TV screen in the Spinning room and wondered what all those numbers and names represented. We use the MYZONE technology and heart rate monitor within our studio and we LOVE it. There are many heart rate monitors and straps out there to choose from, but there is a reason we use MYZONE and advocate its use in our own personal workouts.

MYZONE is technology that monitors your heart rate, caloric burn and other statistics through a chest strap you wear during your workout. The statistics from your strap are displayed live on the monitor in our studio and are updated in real time. But it gets better! The MYZONE uploads to your online logbook through the app on your phone so you can take your workouts outside of the studio, monitor your intensity, and get everything you need to stay successful and on track anywhere you go.

As mentioned, MYZONE lets us track our heart rate, calories burned, and workout duration in real time during your workout. It “rewards” your efforts through MYZONE Effort Points or “MEP’s” based on your intensity during your workout. The heart rate percentages are also color coded to easily understand your intensity in that moment so you can either push harder or back off according to your workout goals. The more effort you put in, the more MEP points you earn! This keeps us constantly challenging ourselves and also rewards us in points for our efforts. What could be better?!

MYZONE uses an app and Bluetooth system so you can stay connected wherever you are working out. You can easily log in to see your past workouts and track your fitness goals. It also connects with other fitness technology. It is able to sync with other cardio equipment, smartwatch apps, or apple health. It also includes a memory chip, so if you don’t want to bring your phone, you can forget it! Once you launch the app the memory chip will upload your past workouts.  It’s hassle-free!

Are you someone who likes challenges, or competing with friends? MYZONE is perfect for you. The app allows you to compete in international challenges through MYZONE but it also lets you compete/communicate with your gym friends. Social sharing, leaderboards and fitness community add real power to your motivation. MYZONE is great in a group fitness setting as well. Seeing your work in real time along with the group you are working with, keeps you reaching for your best!

No matter what your goals are, inside or outside of the gym, MYZONE is accommodating and perfect for anyone or any level. So if this coming year is your year for the best you, think about MYZONE!

To receive you DK Fitness discount, click the link below! If you have any questions, please contact us at the studio!

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