Studio Rules

Age – All participants must be 18 years or older. We do welcome children and dependents 12 years old and older to attend classes with their parents/guardian.

Personal Conduct – All participants must behave in a manner that is both reasonable and not offensive to other participants of DK Fitness.

Respect – All participants are asked to respect the property, employees and independent contractors of DK Fitness, and to treat its property with due and reasonable care. It is always appreciated – out of consideration for other clients – if you clean and return any equipment once you are finished.

Enjoyment – We want you to thoroughly enjoy your experience and achieve all your personal health and fitness goals. We sincerely want you to be a long-term client. However, if you have a significant issue or concern, please submit your concern via the “Contact” portal at or arrange to have a personal meeting with the owners of DK Fitness, LLC. Please do not berate, scream or yell at any employee or independent contractor of DK Fitness; it is counterproductive, and will not be tolerated – even if you are totally correct and arguably justified.

Harassment – The harassment of any employee, independent contractor or another client, in any way, shape or form, will not be tolerated. No matter your individual physical condition, skills and talents, they are never to be leveraged against another person.

Profanity – It is understood that in the normal course of events an expletive may slip. Those are fine. But extended and consistent use of profanity will not be tolerated inside the facility; it violates the rules of Personal Conduct, Respect and Enjoyment listed above. Think of it this way: if your mother would blush to hear you speak, then you have gone out of bounds.


  • Quiet Time – Talking and use of electronic equipment is permitted prior to the start of each class. However, out of respect to the instructor and courtesy to all other clients, all such activities must cease immediately once the class begins.
  • Water – Drinking ample water and staying hydrated is extremely important; every participant must have a water bottle to participate in a Spinning Class.
  • Towel – You will sweat during Class. It is highly suggested you bring a towel to class to dry yourself off occasionally.
  • Safety – We never want to see someone get injured. Thus, all participants must follow the directions of the instructor; goofing around on the bike or with other equipment cannot be tolerated.
  • Leaving Early – We understand that conflicts arise that prevent you from staying for the entire class. Out of courtesy, please let your instructor know if you must leave early, and please be sure to stretch and clean your area or bike.
  • Cleaning – Antibacterial wipes to clean the bike will be provided. It is expected that you take time to clean your bike and the mat underneath prior to leaving. Proper cleaning helps prolong the life of the bike and reduces maintenance costs, which in turn holds down the future costs. It is also reduces germs, and is respectful to other participants.

Class Cancellation and Waiting List – ffective 2/5/16: It is our policy that your cancellation of any class more than 8 (eight) hours before the start of that reserved class is considered an EARLY cancel, and will not result in charging you for that class. By way of example, if a class starts at 6:00 p.m., you need to cancel before 10:00 a.m. to avoid a late cancellation fee as outlined below.
We understand the unforeseen and unexpected can happen; however, if you cancel within the 8 hour window (LATE cancel) or “no show”, your account will be charged as follows:

If you have a Monthly Unlimited contract, a fee will be assessed for any late cancellation or no show, as follows:
a. If you do not show up for class & did not cancel your spot, the fee will be $15.
b. If a wait list exists for the class and you late cancel, the fee will be $10.
c. If a wait list does not exist and you late cancel, the fee will be $5.

For those who purchase a package of classes, you will forfeit the class with a late cancellation. However if you do not show up & did not cancel your spot, the fee will be $15 plus the forfeiture of the class from your package.

If you do not wish to take the class, you too must log onto the system and cancel your name. To avoid issues and frustrations it is very important  that those who are on a waiting list remember their potential obligation in the event another person cancels; you should promptly remove your name from a waiting list should you no longer wish to attend that class or have a sudden conflict that would prevents you from attending.

This policy has been created for the benefit of all clients to have the opportunity to participate in classes and for equal treatment.

Theft – Theft of any property or services of DK Fitness and other clients will never be tolerated. Once theft is confirmed, your rights and relationship with DK Fitness will be immediately terminated, and you will lose all unused Classes you have prepaid. To be clear, allowing any other person to use your prepaid classes to attend any class or use of the facilities of DK Fitness is considered theft. It’s simple: don’t steal. To do so only drives up the cost for all other clients. If you suspect theft by another client, please see either owner of DK Fitness, LLC; your conversations will be held highly confidential. Please note that the studio does use motion activated surveillance cameras in the Strength and Spinning rooms.

Work Hard & Have Fun – Let’s face the facts: exercising is never easy. Period. While this is a rule we can never strictly enforce in our studio, we do encourage every client to work hard and have fun. Release your stress; burn some calories; clear your mind; get refocused; focus on you for just a short period of time. Try to obey this rule while at our studio: work hard & have fun. Often times when you come with a friend or spouse the “fun factor” increases; we highly encourage this.