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Swinging From The Rafters

01 December

Swinging from the Rafters;img_9427

TRX and Core Training

As a whole, it can be said that TRX seems to have been overlooked as a “workout.” Whether you don’t understand why you need “ropes” to exercise, or you don’t think you could get as good of a workout with straps instead of cardio or machines, we challenge you to take a look into TRX.

TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, was originally designed by a Navy Seal who needed a system to stay in shape within limited space and to have something he could easily take on his travels. Thus the TRX was born and the world of fitness definitely caught on. The TRX involves the use of hanging bands to engage muscles using just your own body weight. By changing the way you angle your body, every muscle can be engaged in a push or pull motion. This method of exercise allows anyone to reach a desired goal, whether it is weight loss, improved muscle tone, flexibility or overall improved fitness. TRX is also versatile for any person; athletes, those rehabbing their body due to injury, body builders, and everyday fitness junkies, young or old. It also can be picked up and traveled to the next area in a matter of seconds making it easy to bring it along on trips or even to workout outside. No excuses then right?!

TRX is a system that engages your whole body while simultaneously engaging your core for the entire workout. The instability that the TRX system creates while you perform movements means that your core is constantly activated. But why, you ask, is keeping your core activated during a workout so important? Everything you do in life starts with the core. Your core, which is made up of your pelvis, back, chest, and abdominals, is responsible for your body’s stability, flexibility and balance. Whether you are picking up your kids, cleaning or playing a sport it all stems from core movements. Now knowing how much we use our core in our daily activities, it is important to find a workout that keeps your core engaged at all times, to make us stronger. Enter the TRX.img_9429

As mentioned earlier, the TRX is a system that can be used to train your whole body. This means you can use the TRX system for a full body workout, cardio or strength training. TRX provides an endless amount of exercises to be used through their system of training. While challenging your core, TRX allows you to strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, hips and legs.  You can quickly move from training one body part to the other just by adjusting the straps and changing your angle from the base, while keeping your heart rate elevated. Since you are able to work several muscles or muscle groups in a variety of movements and a wide range of motion, this helps muscle mass grow proportionate and evenly. This decreases the risk of injury and increases overall performance.

The American Council on Exercise wanted to test the long term effects of TRX training with 16 men and women. The study tested the participants during a 60-minute TRX class three times a week for eight weeks, marked by health measurements before and after the program. The participants burned about 400 calories per session. There were also significant decreases in waist circumference, body fat percentage, and blood pressure. The participants were also able to increase muscle strength and endurance during the eight week period, showing improvements in their leg press, bench press, curl-up and push-up tests.

Overall, suspension training is an effective training tool that helps develop muscle but also demands stability and coordination. The strength and movements produced by TRX translates into better performance in sports and life in general. So go ahead and try it out. Why don’t you try swinging from the rafters?



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