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A vacation from exercise is important!

16 June

Consider a Vacation from Exercise!

For the first time since we opened our Studio in March 2013, Katie and I took a short vacation to Seattle this week.   For those who have never been to Seattle, we would recommend it – it is a very progressive city, we found the people to be very friendly, and it is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty.   The mass transit systems are clean, efficient and inexpensive, and contrary to popular belief, the weather was very pleasant!









And while this was our first vacation in some time, we also took another vacation this week as well: we took a vacation from exercise (with one small exception – see below).   We cannot remember the last we had done this either, but we have read several articles on this topic and the benefits to one’s body.

For example, in the “Periodization: Annual Schedule” training manual, the folks at Mad Dogg Athletics / Spinning recommend taking 2 to 4 weeks off as part of their prescribed “rest period”.    In this section they go on to say: “Complete rest will allow the body to “bottom out” and achieve the deep rejuvenation that is required to continually improve the body and mind without breaking down.   Taking a break mentally will restore motivation so that exercisers can work towards higher goals in future sessions.”

Intuitively it makes good common sense to do so, but many of us enjoy and yearn for the feeling from a good Spinning, Body Pump or Yoga class.   So it’s hard to let go sometimes, no different than our letting go control of the Studio for a week.   But we have to admit taking some time off from our exercise routine this week felt good – really good in fact.  But we are eager to return too, if for no other reason than to burn off all the wonderful food we consumed in Seattle.

So, as counter-intuitive as this may sound coming from the owners of an exercise Studio, we encourage each of you to take a “1 week vacation” from exercise every 2-3 months, just to let your body recover.   All of your hard work will not unravel in this short of time, and you will thank yourself for doing so.    Just be sure to return!

All the best to each of you,

Our One Small Exception…… We took a cycle class at a studio called Flywheel.   We are always looking for alternative class formats and learning what is on trend.  It was a wonderful Studio, and the manager (Daniel) was most accommodating.   The class instructor (Kyle) led a great and intense 45 minute class, and the “strength element” that was worked into the ride was intriguing.   If you are ever in a city that has a Flywheel studio, we would encourage you to take a class if time permits.   We learned this Studio provided shoes too, so you could lighten your load while packing should you choose (but call ahead just to be sure).

And one last thing….. If you are ever in Seattle and enjoy pizza like we do, we would HIGHLY recommend a place called Serious Pie.   It would rank in our “top 5 pizza places” without question.   The joys of vacation…..

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